Friday, 22 April 2011

Tickets and Travel Documents Arriving Soon

We are heading off to Mangakino soon but anxiously awaiting the hand delivery of our travel documents. Our travel agent lives in Wellington (don’t ask...long story) and her parents are visiting Auckland this weekend. Problem is I am unsure if they will get to AK before we leave for Mango. Maybe we can meet them on SH 1!

I have packed a truckload of bedtime   ...and daytime reading to plan out my time in NY and San Fran. It is so exciting just reading about it.  Most accommodation is now booked apart from my last night in London and the few days in Greece and London when Brent and I do our own tiki tour.

I have been into the bank to talk foreign funds seeing as I will need GBP, Euro, USA and OZ dollars. Many places have travel cards now and I like the way they work but you have to be savvy regarding the charges for cards and withdrawals if you want to use it for cash.  The helpful lady at the bank told me that she and her husband went on tour for 18 days last year and had a ball. Two words of advice..... It was no holiday...full on and to go everywhere and do everything.

 Just over 2 weeks to go now...getting close

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