Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Getting There


It was a lovely start to Mother’s Day today as I was lucky enough to have Charlotte and Jaime stay at home on Saturday night. We went to the cafe to have breakfast on our way to the airport and had to wait for the cafe to open! (Have to confess that that is not the first time that has happened though).

Tourists or what???

The getting there looked for a while like Brent and I would get there separately.....well at least sitting in separate seats. Online check in and choosing your seats had us sitting several rows apart and no options to change seats to sit together. Thanks to a lovely lady at AK airport that set us up with three seats each. In a very full plane we felt very spoilt .Sleeping pills must have been duds as I managed only 3 or so hours, but caught two great movies and got to read 2 Sunday papers.

We have arrived in Singapore’s Changi airport. Of course it’s huge and the departure boards have planes going to all the big name cities. We were keen to get outside but were advised that on a Sunday night at this time there was not too much to see in the time we had available. You know it’s a big airport when they have sky trains linking several terminals and messages on travelators say the distance from that spot to say Gate A21 is 9mins. Singapore would not be complete without the beautiful Singapore orchids. Inside the terminal they have created a garden trail including a sunflower garden, orchid garden and butterfly garden. We visited the butterfly garden though finding it was a mission but through two double doors and then out into Singapore air.......At 37C it felt like an oven...so humid. Think all the butterflies had gone to bed as we didn't see a one.

My computer is telling me its 2.52 am at home but 11pm here. We leave in a little over 2 hours for the last part of getting here...... 11 and half hours to Athens

Singapore Airlines are great and I can recommend their signature cocktail a Singapore Sling. Slipped down very well and the Steward Leader a lovely smiley guy just kept coming back to give me another one. Who needs sleeping pills when you have had 3 of those!

We are resting in the resting area which has some lovely loungers. There are lots of SHHHHH signs around however I am currently listening to Bruce Springsteen thumping it out from the music in the Hard Rock Cafe situated......right next door. There can be no SHHHHh!

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